Clutch Replacements

In a manual car, the clutch is the most important mechanism to keep your car running, the clutch is the device which connects the engine to the wheels. You can find out more about clutches here.

The average life span of a clutch is around 70,000 miles so most cars will have their clutch replaced at least once in it's lifetime. There are numerous reasons for a clutch to need replacing from wearing of the plate and a broken cable.

The cost of replacing a clutch will depend on the type of vehicle and the problem. Give us a call on 07710 252 604 and we will come and give you a free clutch assessment and quote.

Mot Failure Repairs

Every car over 3 years old needs to pass an MOT every year to be allowed on the roads in the united kingdom. The MOT makes sure cars are of a minimum standard of safety for the driver and passengers.

A Car can fail it's MOT for a variety of reasons but don't be downhearted, most cars will pass their MOT with some minor work on the car.

If you would like to know more about our MOT failure repairs in Gloucester, give us a call on 07710 252 604.

Engine Maintenance & Rebuilds

The car engine is the heart of a car and it needs regular maitenance to keep it in tip top condition. A engine with regular maintenance can be more fuel efficient saving you money.

Our maintenance program checks the common components of an engine for wearing, including filters, spark plugs and oil levels. We also offer full engine rebuilds for engines which need a more thorough maintenance.

If you're interested in our engine maintenance & rebuilds in Gloucester, give us a call on 07710 252 604.