Engine Maintenance

Engine maintenance is key for any motorised vehicle especially the family car. Good engine maintenance is routinely checking the various systems and components that compose a car engine, and performing any repairs or upgrades that are necessary to keep the engine in proper running condition.

Some of the basic engine maintenance tasks that owners can perform from time to time include checking current level of oil in the engine and other fluids.

Other tasks which should be done include: Changing the air filter, Changing the fuel filter, Bleeding the fuel system and Draining the water separators.

This is where B&S come in, we can do routine checks on your engines components to make sure everything is working right and keeping your fluids topped up.

Without regular maintenance your engine will become less productive which will result in burning more fuel, which costs you more money each time you use the car.

We advise having your engine checked every 3 months to make sure your engine is in tip top condition and is performing to the best of it's ability.

Engine Rebuilds

If you're engine is getting old, it might need a rebuild, which requires the engine to be stripped down to a bare block, the block cleaned and replacing all of engine components. An engine rebuild will give your engine a new lease of life.

The most common engine rebuilds are in sports or racing cars, the engines are specialised so need a regular rebuild to keep it functioning.

We can come out to you, inspect your engine and diagnose the issue. Give us a call on 07710 252 604 to book an appointment.